More radio FUN for Ohio Hams!

If you havenít talked to Tom on the air, youíll probably run into him at your next hamfest or other radio event.

Tom is always up for a QSO, whether itís in the shack, the car, or in the back yard in the middle of Winter. Tom is the creative force behind the Freeze Your Acorns Off field event, held each February by the Portage County ARS.

No red-blooded ham would miss an opportunity to brag about his shack, and Tom is no exception. Hereís what youíll find at Casa del WB8LCD:


 Yaesu 817

 3-element Tri-bander on 40-ft Tower

 Assorted VHF/UHF Rigs

Tom is active on HF SSB, VHF, UHF, and digital modes. His CW needs some work.

Thereís a lot of good things to say about Amateur Radio, and Tom enjoys getting to clubs and hamfests to spread the word.† Heís available to appear at your event to tell you how you can make your organization† dynamic and fun.

The problem with Field Day, as Tom saw things, was that it only came once a year. While Tom was president of Portage County ARS, the club established the Ohio State Parks On The Air contest, now in its third year. Tom usually operates from Tinkers Creek State Park.

Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Gloom of Night...

Coming Soon to a Club Near You

Obligatory Shack Shot

Field Day is Not Enough



Tom Sly, WB8LCD for Ohio Section Manager